Navien tankless water heaters have been increasingly popular due to their notable attributes
such as energy economy, reliability, and small design. Nevertheless, similar to other
household appliances, they may face occasional problems that impede their operational
efficiency. Having the ability to accurately understand and resolve Navien error codes is of
utmost importance in order to maintain a consistent supply of hot water. This comprehensive
tutorial aims to provide a detailed walkthrough of the process of reading and resolving
Navien error codes with expertise. In addition, we will explore a particular error code, namely
Navien error code 515-09,” in order to present a concrete illustration.

Section 1: The Importance of Navien Error Codes

Navien tankless water heaters are fitted with a diagnostic system that offers error codes to
facilitate the rapid identification and resolution of difficulties. The utilisation of error codes
proves to be a valuable asset, facilitating the diagnostic and resolution processes for
homeowners and technicians in an effective manner.
When a malfunction occurs with the Navien water heater, it provides clear indications of the
underlying problem, so eliminating any uncertainty. Alternatively, an error code is presented
on the digital display of the machine or through a remote control panel. These codes offer
significant insights into the issue, enabling one to make suitable decisions.

Common Error Codes

Navien error codes typically consist of two parts: a letter and a two-digit number. The letter
indicates the type of issue, while the number specifies the specific problem. Common error
codes include:
● Error 001: Flow sensor malfunction
● Error 003: Ignition failure
● Error 010: Flame detection failure
● Error 016: Overheating
● Error 021: Abnormal gas pressure
● Error 036: Ignition failure during operation

Each error code is designed to guide you towards a solution, making troubleshooting more

Section 2: Interpreting Navien Error Codes

Interpreting Navien error codes involves understanding the two components: the letter and
the number. Let’s break down the interpretation process step by step:

The Letter (Type of Issue):
● A: Flow sensor
● C: Fan motor
● E: Ignition
● H: Heating
● P: Power supply
● U: Flame
● 0: General
The Number (Specific Problem):
● 01-09: Sensor failure
● 10-19: Gas-related issues
● 20-29: Ignition problems
● 30-39: Flame issues
● 40-49: Heating problems

50-59: Water pressure problems
● 60-69: Communication issues
● 70-79: Power supply issues
● 80-89: General issues

For example, if your Navien water heater displays error code “E001,” it indicates an issue
with the flow sensor, and the number “001” specifies a sensor failure.

Understanding the type of issue is the first step towards addressing the problem, but you’ll
also need to determine the underlying cause, which may require further investigation.

Section 3: Troubleshooting Navien Error Codes

After determining the category and specific issue indicated by the error code, one can
proceed with the process of troubleshooting. Outlined below are few general troubleshooting
steps that should be taken into consideration:

  1. Turn Off and On: In some cases, a simple power cycle can clear minor issues. The
    water heater shuts down in seconds after being turned off.
  2. Verifying Gas Supply: If the error number indicates a gas issue, check the water
    heater’s gas supply and gas line for obstructions.
  3. Check Water Pressure: For codes related to water pressure (50-59), verify that the
    water supply to the unit is adequate and not experiencing any fluctuations.
  4. Inspect Venting: Make sure the venting system is free from obstructions and
    installed correctly.
  5. Clean Filters: Regularly clean or replace the inlet and outlet water filters to ensure
    proper water flow.
  6. Inspect Ignition System: For ignition-related codes, inspect the igniter, flame rod,
    and gas valve for any signs of damage or malfunction.
  7. Refer to the Manual: Consult the Navien user manual or service manual for specific
    instructions related to your error code.

    Now, let’s focus on a specific error code, Navien error code 515-09. to understand it better
    and troubleshoot it effectively.

Section 4: Decoding Navien Error Code 515-09

It is a specific error that may occur due to various issues. It’s crucial to understand the
nature of this code to resolve it successfully. Here’s a breakdown of the error:
● The letter “5” indicates that the issue pertains to heating.
● The first digit “1” suggests a general problem within the heating system.
● The second digit “5” is specific to this error and points to a “flame loss” or “no flame
detected” issue.
Interpreting this error code, it means that your Navien water heater has encountered a
problem with the heating system, specifically the detection of the flame. When this error
appears, you may experience a lack of hot water in your home.

To address “Navien error code 515-09,” follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check the Gas Supply: Ensure that there is a steady and adequate supply of gas to
    the water heater. Check for any obstructions in the gas line.
  2. Inspect the Flame Rod: The flame rod is responsible for detecting the flame.
    Inspect it for any signs of damage or corrosion. Cleaning it with a fine abrasive pad
    may help improve its performance.
  3. Verify Proper Venting: It is imperative to verify the proper installation and
    unobstructed condition of the venting system.
  4. Reset the Water Heater: Please deactivate the water heater and allow for a little
    interval. Subsequently, proceed to reactivate the device in order to ascertain whether
    the error is resolved.
  5. Seek Professional Help: If the error persists, or if you are unsure about conducting
    these checks yourself, it is advisable to contact a qualified technician to diagnose
    and fix the issue.

  6. Conclusion

  7. The ability to interpret and resolve Navien error codes is vital in order to uphold the optimal
    operation of your tankless water heater. The error codes offer significant insights into the
    underlying nature of the issue, enabling individuals to undertake the requisite actions for its
    resolution. While certain problems can be fixed using basic troubleshooting methods, there
    are instances where the expertise of a professional is necessary.
    The initial step in comprehending the “Navien error code 515-09” involves recognising its
    association with a flame detection problem. By adhering to the troubleshooting procedures
    outlined in this manual, one can effectively resolve this mistake and guarantee the consistent
    provision of hot water by the Navien water heater for residential use.
    It is crucial to prioritise safety when operating gas equipment. It is advisable to see a
    qualified specialist if one feels uncomfortable or uncertain about troubleshooting, in order to
    guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the Navien water heater. By acquiring the
    appropriate knowledge and employing a systematic method, one can proficiently decipher
    and resolve Navien error codes, thereby guaranteeing the optimal functioning convenience of the hot water supply in one’s residence.

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